Invoice / PBS


Receive your invoice in the future by mail - send an email to:

Please remember to provide us your customer number.

PBS Payment via Supplier Service

Save time, interest and fees - pay automatically.

Ornestation Mors is connected to Supplier Services, so it is now possible for you to sign up for automatic payment of bills from Ornestation Mors. The system assumes that you authorize Ornestation Mother to automatically withdraw the invoiced amount into your bank account. Even if you are enrolled in PBS, you will, as up to now, receive an invoice from Ornestation Mors.

Benefits of signing up for PBS:

  • You keep the overview.
  • You always have the option of stopping a payment that you do not want to make.
  • The money is only deducted on the last due date of payment.
  • Connection is free and no fees.
  • You avoid reminder letters and stop delays.

You can sign up by calling us at tel. +45 9776 2133, via or by email

It is also possible to register with your bank.

Payment terms


Our payment terms are `cash when ordering either via Dankort or mobile payment.



Our payment terms are current month +12 days.