Anti-vibration glove
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  • Anti-Vibration Glove

    Anti-Vibration glove is the quality glove for you who work with vibrating tools and machines, e.g. as a mechanic, carpenter, contractor, bricklayer or in connection with construction work or demolition work. Here you get one of the best anti-vibration gloves on the market, which you experience in the form of extremely good comfort and quality. The upper hand is made of a combination of polyester, nylon and elastane, which gives you full mobility. The glove's palm and fingers are coated with MicroZeal, which gives you a particularly good grip. As something completely unique, this glove also has vibration-damping foam with a particularly long-lasting effect, so that you reduce the discomfort of your work. Vibration 12000 counteracts the diagnosis of white fingers, i.e. it prevents poor blood circulation in the fingers. The glove is certified according to EN ISO 10819. All in all, you get a vibration-damping glove in a special class, and with the velcro closure at the wrist, you can easily adjust it according to your needs. NOTE: It is recommended to only use this glove for work with vibrating tools such as plate vibrators, grinding tools, concrete hammers and hedge trimmers.

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