Breeding Companies


Who is DanBred

DanBred has a world-class breeding system. Over 100 years of focused and focused work on selecting and breeding the right pigs has given the Danish pig a major advantage over its competitors.


It is targeted breeding that has made Danish genetics one of the best in the world. And we continue to optimize in all the areas that matter to your business. Healthy and healthy pigs with high fertility provide efficient operation. It all lies in the genes. And ours keeps getting better all the time.
Your business can also benefit from all the progress if you choose our DNA.

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Danish Genetics

Who is Danish Genetics

100 years of experience in professional pig breeding combined with world-class genetic expertise. This is the recipe for Danish Genetics - a new, strong breeding program in the global pig production market. Behind Danish Genetics stands a number of Denmark's most experienced breeders, breeders and dealers.


Danish Genetics business depends on our customers' business and their success. We live by pig production ourselves and, like our customers, depend on us to deliver the best products and results - every time.
For us, our customers are much more than customers. They are close partners. That is why we work together to develop both our customers' business and our own.

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Who is PIC

PIC is an international leader in the delivery of continuous genetic improvement in pig breeding and in first-class technical support to the global pig producer. PIC combines quantitative analysis with advanced biotechnology to develop breeding material that helps our customers maximize profitability. PIC operates in 30 countries spanning 6 continents, and we adhere to all animal welfare principles in all locations where we operate.


Providing healthy genetic improvement to pig producers worldwide!
At PIC, we know that our business success depends on our customers. In partnership, we work with our customers to grow and develop our business together. We work with them to meet future requirements for the finished product. In the end, we try to deliver the highest quality of genetics to the industry to ensure that our customers can once again deliver great products to their markets and to the world's consumers.
Our mission is to be the leading worldwide supplier of genetic improvement to pig producers through innovative and excellent genetic technology, health and service.

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Topigs Norsvin

Who is Topigs Norsvin

Topigs Norsvin is farmer-owned, with a philosophy of paying dividends through genetic progress. This means we generate maximum added value for our customers.

Topigs Norsvin provides the best service and support. A team of local and global support specialists advise and help partners. This enables producers to capture the full potential of Topigs Norsvin genetics.

Thanks to our local presence, we know individual needs and circumstances. This makes Topigs Norsvin the natural first choice for long-term partnerships for the entire pig industry. We take pride in working together with our partners to find new solutions and to help their business thrive.


Topigs Norsvin is renowned for its innovative approach in implementing new technologies and its continuous focus on cost-efficient pig production. Our focus on innovative breeding means we achieve higher genetic progress each year. This creates extra added value and new possibilities for our partners. Our genetic improvement is based on two major cornerstones: sustainability and efficiency. In our words: balanced breeding and total feed efficiency.

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